the full circle lens & frame program

Safilo and CR Labs have partnered to launch an exciting and competitive omni-channel frame and lens program, offered across a selection of market-leading and high-profile Safilo brands, coupled with high-quality prescription lenses from CR Labs.

The program provides a wide selection of optical and sun ranges across popular brands including Carrera, Kate Spade New York, Carolina Herrera, BOSS, Under Armour, Polaroid Kids, and Privé Revaux.

The program brings exceptional value to the eyewear industry, helping independent practices stand out in a competitive environment and providing the opportunity to offer the best experience to their patients while maximising profitability.

Providing your practice with unmatched value


Wide Selection of Optical and Sun Ranges

  • Enjoy a diverse selection of optical and sun frames from brands including Carrera, Kate Spade New York, Carolina Herrera, BOSS, Polaroid Kids, Under Armour and Privé Revaux.

  • Offering a broad range of frame styles designed to meet your patient's needs, including modern, classic and sport frames.


Tailored Marketing Support and Professional Insights

  • Receive comprehensive marketing support tailored to the optical and sun ranges offered in the program.

  • Stay informed about industry trends and gain valuable insights through expert guidance and training from our knowledgeable sales team.



Patient Experience

  • A simplified ordering process through our streamlined system, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

  • Benefit from smooth communication with CR Labs, with a single point of contact for enquiries.

Program benefits

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Improved Profitability

  • Receive a significant discount on the regular wholesale prices of optical and sun frames from the FC range.

  • Receive complimentary fitting from CR Labs.

  • Save on costs with efficient supply chain management and omni-channel ordering of frame and lenses.

  • Optimise profitability with improved margins on frame and lens packages.

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Streamlined Logistics:

A Simplified

Omni-Channel Process

  • Experience expedited and dependable delivery of complete jobs.

  • Simplify invoicing: receive a single invoice for frame, lenses, and delivery fees.

  • Streamlined communication with one dedicated customer service channel for complete job enquiries.

  • Gain access to a wide range of high-demand frames and sunglasses with exceptional availability from one location.

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Exclusive Access to

CARRERA Authentic Engraved Prescription Lenses

  • Engraved authentic Carrera lens facilitating 100% brand experience.

  • Dedicated in-store point-of-purchase and communication tools and visuals.

  • In-store customisations available to selected stores.


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Driven by innovation, design and an unequalled level of coolness.

Carrera is Safilo Australia's #1 brand and growing! A true statement brand, synonymous with pioneering design and outstanding quality. For those who live life by their own rules and like to stand out from the crowd. Established in 1956 and named after the famous Carrera Pan-Americana road race from Mexico to the USA, the Carrera brand continues today to have a loyal following with an increasingly diverse customer base.

The Carrera Collection includes three main ranges: CARRERA FLAG, the boldest expression of Carrera inspired by the archives with an eye on fashion and always one step ahead, CARRERA SIGNATURE, the brand’s evolution combining classic shapes with a dash of urban lifestyle and CARRERA ACTIVE reinterpreting the brand’s roots in sport with a streetstyle attitude. The eyewear collection includes male, female and unisex optical and sunwear styles.

Joyful, Optimistic and Feminine

Founded in New York in 1993, Kate Spade is a brand that is strongly rooted in optimistic femininity, joy, and style. Kate Spade appeals to empowered women across generations and time zones who want to live their lives to the fullest.

The eyewear collection reflects these values through the use of playful colors, prints, and patterns which are applied to easily wearable modern shapes and beautiful styles.

Signature branding is thoughtfully integrated throughout all designs for a delightful surprise.

Originating from Miami, Florida,

Safilo introduces celebrity eyewear brand Privé Revaux

Privé Revaux eyewear was co-founded in Miami, Florida by celebrities Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson in 2017. Now part of the Safilo group, the Privé Revaux eyewear brand remains focussed on the same goal of creating great eyewear with a focus on celebrity-styling, functionality and available at an affordable pricepoint. The eyewear collection is suited to those who appreciate style and believe in the power of accessories to achieve an effortlessly cool look. Confident, price-aware, and determined to look their best, the Privé Revaux customer likes to keep tabs on their favourite celebrities, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and are not afraid to experiment with new styles.

Luxury, Femininity and Sophistication

Founded in 1981, Carolina Herrera is a leading premium-luxury feminine fashion brand, with a reputation for fashion designs that convey confidence, joy, empowerment and expressiveness.

The eyewear collection is designed to appeal to customers looking for feminine eyewear designs that are expressive, sophisticated and elegant.

Modern and Classic, with a Bold New Attitude

A globally-recognised luxury fashion brand with a reputation for sophistication, modernity, and quality, BOSS is for those who lead a self-determined life with style, passion, and purpose.

The brand presents dynamic, modern and innovative designs to form a complete wardrobe for the inspirational BOSS of today, in every role they play.

Enjoy a World of Colours

Polaroid offers an affordable and sustainable choice for eyewear without compromising quality and durability. The brand focuses on innovation, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity, encouraging everyone to "Enjoy a world of colours".

The brand has a wide offer, appealing to a diverse customer base across different personalities, with designs which incorporate a broad range of colours.

The Full Circle program provides a selection of frames from the Polaroid Kids range, crafted with care for young eyes that deserve the best.

Eyewear Built for Athletes

Under Armour is a global company making game-changing products that work to push the limits of human performance, inspiring individuals with performance solutions they never knew they needed and can't imagine living without.

The brand is focused on performance across all ages and genders, with the highest level of durability and flexibility to help athletes stay focused.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind a pair of glasses?

It’s us, Safilo. A company that, since 1878, has in its DNA a principle that, more than anyone, it can call its own: looking ahead. Looking ahead to allow millions of people to see the world at its best. Without avoiding change, but reaching out to it. Looking for innovative and responsible solutions, and embracing digital transformation to redefine eyewear. So innovation and sustainability are not just nice words, but represent instead an inclusive path that involves us all and the ability to create value in this way is our goal.

This is the Safilo Way.

Safilo. See the world at its best.

Since CR Labs first opened its doors in 1976, the company has remained committed to supplying high-quality prescription lenses to Independent Optometry in Australia.

Continually pushing the limit when it comes to lens designs and coatings, CR Labs takes pride in bringing the most innovative products and manufacturing processes to the market straight from their state-of-the-art and world-class facility in Dandenong South.

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How to Join?

For more information and to sign up, please contact your Safilo or CR Labs

sales representative


CR Labs: